Generate Leads by telling prospects to just give a missed call

The Missed Call solution is a useful solution for collecting leads, taking feedback, and running marketing campaigns in a cost-effective manner. Used for a variety of purposes including user verification, lead generation and much more, Missed Call Service in India has been a part of the marketing campaigns of the country’s leading organizations and is still effective. Missed Calls can be followed by a variety of methods to connect with prospects. The Client can customize their own way of acknowledging the missed call service with automated SMS, Callbacks, Confirmation and so on.

Rubic Solution is a leading Missed Call Service provider that provides its clients with strong analytics and actionable insights. You can monitor the performance of your ad campaigns with real-time dashboards and optimize your media spending accordingly.

Missed Call Services
Uses of Missed Calls service for businesses

Lead Generation

The greatest advantage of Missed Calls service is that they can be effective even in the absence of the internet. It works brilliantly in connecting the prospects to your business irrespective of their location.

Evaluation of Marketing campaign

Missed Call service can be used to tag each media channel with a different virtual number. By tracking calls received on a virtual number, we can track the real-time performance of your media channel. Thus, through our missed call service client can derive marketing ROI for media channels in real-time.

Customer Verification

As a safer and authenticated alternative to OTPs, missed call service is a better method of prospect verification. Prospects can be asked to verify their identity and phone number by giving a missed on the number.

Drive Traffic and Downloads

A Missed Call can be followed by a customized text message consisting of the links to your website or app. Missed Call service is very effective in driving traffic and increasing the download numbers of your application.

Gather feedback

Missed Call is a great way of completing the feedback loop for any service or product. It provides an easy way for prospects to submit their valuable feedback through Missed Call service.

Frequently Asked Questions - Missed Call

The Missed Call Service solution from Rubic Solution is a simple way for a customer to connect with businesses without sending a single rupee. All they have to do is give a missed call to the virtual number. The database will keep a record of their phone number, location and registered name. Companies can use that data to contact the customer.
A phone number or a Virtual number is marketed among the customers on various platforms- like social media, websites, advertisements, etc. Companies can engage with the customers that place the missed call by conducting polls or surveys, promoting products/services, verifying customers and more.
Businesses from a variety of industries benefit from missed call services by using them for lead generation campaigns, cash on delivery confirmations, voting campaigns, opt-in or opt-out of a list or contributing for a survey.
In a missed call marketing campaign, the interested customers can engage with the phone number by placing a missed call. The company/ brand can then send an automated acknowledgement message or IVR call back to provide information or advertise their products.
As soon as the interested customer calls on the marketed phone number, the call will be automatically disconnected by the system. This service can be used to create marketing campaigns that will trigger the target audience to interact with the company without spending any money.

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