Frequently Asked Questions

  • Rubic Solution offers Customized IVR for small businesses or large corporates, Business SMS service, SMS Marketing, Business WhatsApp Solution API, Auto Outbound calls, Google My Business bulk listing.

  • IVR (Interactive voice response) can be used by businesses or professionals who need to call their customers or customers call them for requirement. This continuous call flow is managed through IVR. Setting up IVR is quick & easy task, doesn’t require huge investment, and implementing that gives an innovative brand image in front of clients. It can be used by Businesses/ professionals or Entrepreneurs. It is considered for professionals who are busy can route the call via IVR and can call back customers after their busy hours. A pre recorded message can welcome customer. It can describe your services and make customer select/schedule appointments via IVR saving precious time of a person.

    • Creating a Premium Brand Image
    • Creating a database of all the enquiries in dashboard
    • Saving time of a salesperson/receptionist to do other productive tasks
    • Less disturbance during busy hours. Leads will be saved in dashboard and then you can call back in your free time.

    • Media Connect – It can be implemented where customer has many branches. It has multiple benefits like advertising analysis, lead management solution, no need of call center, central vanity brand number, quick connection to customer’s nearest branch.
    • Intelligent Reception – This is useful when person has many salespersons or many departments. This can be used when you want to connect to call center or salesperson. It identifies your preference and connects you to specific department or salesperson.

  • Automated Outbound call is an innovative solution to cold calls or reminders. Instead of a person calling cold leads or for appointment reminders or EMI reminder. Business can use our Automated call to do the task. In Automated call, our system can all the numbers in the database & a recorded voice message can deliver the message. It is efficient as it saves human time and money. It is affordable than a compared to hiring a person.

  • A missed call service can be used to generate leads, get votes during election campaign, show your support, etc. A company can place use our number in their advertisement. As soon as the customer calls that number, caller details are saved in dashboard. Company can call back the caller to get more details.

  • An SMS can be transactional or promotional. OTPs, informational messages are called Transactional SMS. While advertising or promotional message are called promotional message. Promotional message is called used for advertising/promotional messages. SMS marketing is most affordable marketing medium generating highest ROI.

  • Click to call service is used when lead is generated online. Client specifies which branch he wants to get connected. The customer can call a number provided on the form. If he calls that number, then caller is redirected to that branch person without IVR. Best part of click to call is that customer doesn’t have to go through hassle of pressing any input, call gets immediately patched to desired person.

  • WhatsApp business messaging is used to deliver messages on customer’s WhatsApp. Informational content can be delivered via company’s WhatsApp account to customer’s WhatsApp. This requires permission from WhatsApp, once WhatsApp approves then we can send payment link, reminders, or information to customers via WhatsApp

  • With a Google My Business Account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps. We manage bulk google listing for you. It becomes cumbersome to manage multiple branches and hence multiple listing. We will take care of updating you details so that you always remain relevant to your audience.

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