Connect to all branches across nations by using a single number

Media Connect is an innovative lead management tool introduced by Rubic Solution that helps clients track most of their marketing KPIs like lead management, marketing and advertising analysis, sales performance management, improved conversion ratio, etc. Media connect is designed for clients that have multiple branches. With leads flowing in continuously, our system intelligently routes prospects to the local branch instead of routing leads to the call centre and then allocating sales representatives to the prospect. Our robust SMS system takes care of proper messaging if the prospect is unable to connect with a sales representative for, he may be busy or not reachable at that moment. The lead management tool saves all the leads and ensures that they can be accessed on our cloud dashboard. With rich data available such as prospect’s purchase intent, prospect’s location, preferred product, media exposure, the company can now make data-backed quick decisions. With actionable insights from our lead management tool, clients can make sales representatives more responsive. The client can optimize their media spending to get more ROI. The client can understand geographies that are more responsive and target accordingly. This data can also be integrated with the client’s CRM at no extra cost. Connecting prospects to local branches immediately creates an innovative image and increases the conversion rate.

Lead Management Tool and Advertising Analysis
Our Approach

Our system tags each media with different touchpoints. These touchpoints could be a mobile number or SMS. When a prospect calls or sends SMS on a given number then our lead management tool geotags the prospects in real-time and connects them to their closest branch instead of connecting them to the central call centre. Local branch people can understand the requirement and thus quickly work towards making the sale. Since it connects customers directly with a local salesperson or branch, it automatically removes the intervention of the call centre. Since the client now knows which media channel is working, they can optimize media spending to get maximum returns. Media connect is not just a lead management tool but a complete marketing technology for a business.

Frequently Asked Questions - Media Connect

Our lead management software assists businesses through the process of turning prospects into customers. It captures and retains the leads until they officially become paying customers. They also help in the process of qualifying and nurturing the leads. The lead management tool from Rubic Solution provides a range of features and functionalities that empower businesses to handle everything from contact management to sales forecasting.
The Lead management tool from Rubic solution enables businesses to pinpoint where the prospects are entering the funnel. These tools help companies in capturing the leads, scoring and categorizing them, nurturing the leads and queueing them for sales team.
Some of the key benefits of the CRM lead management software from Rubic Solution include increased ROI, cost reduction, lead qualification, lead nurturing, contextual interactions, faster responses and automation. Additionally, companies can also gain Insights and drive ROI with Analytics, reduce overhead costs and qualify their leads.

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