Automate your business communication with Hosted IVR Solutions

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an extension or rather a replacement of a human representative. With the growth in a business, comes an expanded customer base and high-volume calls. Every business needs practical solutions to accommodate this wide customer base. Rubic Solution is an IVR service provider in India that provides an automated phone system with call routing capabilities. Rubic Solution is now one of the leading IVR service providers. Our system is designed to collect the prospect’s requirements before transferring the call to the concerned person.

Our Approach

When a person places a call, our IVR Call Centre Solutions greet them with a pre-recorded voice message. This voice message guides the person to navigate through the menu. With Our Voice recognition technology, the prospect doesn’t have to press the keypad, they can say their option and our system will connect them to a specific department/person either.

Hosted IVR Solutions
Benefit of Intelligent Reception
Intelligent call routing:

With Rubic Solution’s Hosted IVR solutions, companies can create their own path for the prospect to navigate (eg. Press 1 for customer service and 2 for salesperson). If a salesperson is busy, then the call is immediately routed to the next salesperson by the IVR service provider making sure that the customer is attended to.

Round the clock support:

Hosted IVR solutions can work for your company even after working hours and extend your customer service to 24x7. This gives the customer a sense of satisfaction by availing the services in the moment of need.

Better customer service:

The IVR call centre solution from Rubic Solutions ensures that the customers get to interact with the right person who can help in solving their queries. The faster the customer gets connected to the right person, the better your customer satisfaction rate is going to be.

Improves work efficiency:

Most of the time the pre-recorded voice can address the customer’s problem. This saves more time for the customer care team to focus on their key activities. Companies can now have access to IVR service providers and a virtual receptionist so the staff can focus on other tasks. Instead, those precious working hours can be utilized in doing other productive tasks.

Reduce Operational Costs:

IVR call centre solutions can save time & money. A virtual receptionist can replace the person behind the desk or a customer service agent, hence saving the amount of money the company would have to spend on the person.

Intelligent Receptionist for all business sizes

Companies that have an IVR service provider that works for them 24x7 appear more approachable, organized, and reputable in the eyes of the customer. IVR call centre solutions for small businesses can be a boon as it can perpetuate a professional image even if your business is small

Real-time reporting
Let the customers talk naturally with a human touch:

Nothing can beat a friendly, personalised customer support environment through hosted IVR solutions. Making the customers feel valued and supported is one of the most crucial factors for any business. As IVR technology develops, advancements are making the customer’s interaction with IVR more natural, faster, and effortless.

Frequently Asked Questions - Intelligent Reception

Hosted IVR is a telephony menu and routing system that provides prompt responses to the callers. It acts as a replacement for the human representative. The hosted IVR solutions from Rubic Solution helps businesses attend, identify, segregate and sort the callers that contact their organization.
With access to a hosted IVR solution, businesses can deliver 24x7 support helpline services to their customers as opposed to a traditional call center model. Hosted IVR solution is an error-free and cost-effective solution that also leaves a premium impression of the brands in the mind of the customers. Since the calls are answered by smart receptionists, they can expedite incoming calls and route them to the concerned representative more accurately.
A company will get access to a number (or a virtual number). Whenever the customer places a call on that number, they will be greeted by a smart receptionist or a pre-recorded message. An IVR system will assist the caller in addressing their issue by understanding their problem and redirecting the call to the concerned representative if the need be. The details of the caller will be securely saved in the dashboard.
There are majorly two basic types of IVR: Inbound and outbound. Inbound IVR systems from Rubic Solution are designed to handle the incoming call volume. Whereas the outbound IVR systems make calls on either a total or partially automated dialing basis.
The Hosted IVR solution from Rubic Solution has the following features: Call assistance, information source, self-service, number identification, multi-language options, surveys and polls and text-to-speech. This 360-degree IVR solution is fully equipped to

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