Make your business name reach to millions of mobile screens with SMS marketing

Mobile phones are the most widely used devices in the modern era with the maximum screen time making them the perfect means of changing the way companies market themselves. Rubic Solution is one of the fastest-growing bulk SMS service providers in the country. With the best bulk SMS marketing plan available for Web and API based for all programming languages, we help businesses grow by expediting the information and communication flow of the companies.

SMS Campaigns:

With Rubic Solution, you can send SMSs at any time of the day, all year round. Create your campaign in our dashboard and send SMS instantly. The biggest advantage of bulk SMS marketing is that they can be delivered instantly with no scope for human errors. We provide genuine reports and maintain 100% transparency with our clients.

Bulk SMS Marketing Services
Promotional SMS

Bulk SMS marketing is the only marketing platform that gives the highest ROI. SMS can be used for spreading awareness about the latest products, services or offers within seconds, with just a click of a button. Engage your customers by informing them about regular offers, promo codes, etc. with our bulk business SMS services and establish connections with new and existing customers by sending them promotional messages. It can also be used for various reminders, invitations etc.

Transactional SMS

Send a transactional SMS via a sender ID corresponding to your business or product name. Send OTPs, verification codes, informational messages, booking and order alerts to your registered customers. Through our safe and secure bulk SMS marketing portals, you can be assured of the genuineness and authenticity of the messages delivered. The transactional messages will be delivered to all the recipients irrespective of their do-not-disturb status to ensure they do not miss any updates.

Location Targeted SMS connect:

Geo-targeted messages are the future!

Take your SMS marketing up a notch with the Location targeted SMS connect. Our Location-targeted SMS allows the brands to connect with their customers by sending a bunch of texts based on their locations. This makes bulk SMS marketing even more personalized and engaging.

Being one of the leading SMS service providers, we have tie-ups with telecom operators and database partners. If a client decides to execute SMS marketing in a specific location, we can send SMS to prospects of that location.

Because of the availability of a strong database, down to the Pincode Level, we can narrow down the audience and send SMS to people belonging to that location. Suppose a company has opened a new store in Hyderabad city and wants to execute a PR and Awareness activity then they can use our Location targeted bulk SMS marketing service and we will send promotional SMS to people in and around Hyderabad only.

Frequently Asked Questions - SMS Connect

Bulk SMS services from Rubic Solution refer to businesses sending SMS to a group of recipients at a time via various platforms. Our bulk SMS services can scale up to millions of recipients in case of informational or promotional broadcasts.
Bulk SMS refers to the process of sending large number of SMS to multiple recipients from different locations. Companies use them to convey important information or promotional messages to customers. SMS marketing is very effective and has about 98% opening rate.
Brands use Geo-targeted SMS messaging to send a bunch of texts to their customers or prospects based on their locations. This makes the SMS marketing experience even more personalized and unique to them.

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