Harness the power to conduct massive outbound calling campaigns

Auto dialers are electronic devices or software that can automatically connect to mobile numbers. They do so via random or sequential number generators. Our cloud-based automated outbound calling solution brilliantly dials all the numbers based on certain predefined rules, while ensuring that maximum numbers are dialled in a stipulated time. After the call has been answered, the software plays a pre-recorded message.

Auto Outbound Calls
Connect more leads effectively in less time!

Avail of our predictive dialer, voice broadcasting and outbound IVR solutions to take the growth of your business through the roof.
When the auto dialer greets the customer with a recorded message, the person can navigate through the call by following the instructions of the pre-recorded message. The automated outbound calls are hosted on the cloud. All the details of the call will be automatically saved on the cloud.
Connect to your existing customers and prospects more quickly and effectively than ever with our Auto Outbound Calling solutions.

Applications of Auto dialers for businesses:

Lead Generation:

With over 10,000 automated outbound calls made in a day, boosting your business’s reach has never been easier. Assist your existing customers via a pre-recorded message or reach out to your target audience through cold calling with our outbound IVR solutions to generate maximum legitimate leads.

Lead Nurturing and Management:

The manager/supervisor of the team will receive an intimation when the list reaches its threshold, enabling you to make informed decisions each time. Apply variously customized filters to manage and nurture the leads and monitor automated outbound calling activity.

Set automated reminders:

Inform your customers about updated services, product launches and/or upcoming events or set automated reminders for appointments/meetings with the help of a professionally recorded message and outbound IVR.

Usefulness of Auto Dialers

Time saving:

Let your team invest more time talking to the customers than manually dialing the numbers. The smart dialing algorithm of auto dialing boosts the connect rates and eliminates the need for manual dialing of the numbers.

Boosts productivity and eliminates human error:

The auto dialing addresses the requirements of the customers or does the job of delivering information without human error. Moreover, the calls reaching the team behind the desk will be filtered automatically, saving the representative’s time.

More legitimate Leads, More Sales:

Our automated dialing can make 10,000 calls in a day! Allowing businesses to increase their reach manifold and connect to their customers promptly. The conversion rate is bound to increase with the increase in talk time per day.


Overcome the human limitations with our auto outbound calling solutions. With more calls in less time, round the clock service and no human errors, auto dialing is the most cost-effective way of ensuring the highest ROI and 10x more effective than a person.

Features of our auto outbound calling include:

1. Access to real-time data:

Get real-time updates of the status of the leads and calls through our cloud-based system. All the data from the time of the call to the customer’s requirements and personal details will be securely stored in the dashboard so you can monitor them anytime.

2. Pre-recorded message by a professional voice over artist.

The pre-recorded voice message used in our voice broadcasting solution is recorded by a professional voice over artist and not a robot, to make the customers feel as comfortable and natural as possible.

3. Automated calls to the prospect:

Reach out to a maximum number of your target audience, existing and potential customers in no time with the help of our automated calling solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions - Auto Outbound Calls

Automated outbound calls are the calls that are generated by the system in Rubic Solution. These calls can be made to prospective customers to promote a product or a service on behalf of a company. The company can use this service to create a buzz around new product launches as well. Automated outbound calls are used for sales, lead generation, telemarketing and fundraising.
There are several benefits of using the Automated Outbound calling service from the Rubic solution. Some of these include reaching the customers on their schedule, improving customer acquisition, customer loyalty will surge and enhancing the productivity of the employees.
The key features of outbound calls include Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Synchronization & Import/Export of Data, Call Disposition Codes, Modifiable Outbound Caller-ID, Call at One Click, Recording & Monitoring of Calls and Historical & Real-Time Reporting.
Unlike an inbound call, an automated outbound call can be specified as a call that has been originated with a sale or supporting representative. The system dials a third party’s telephone number- like a prospect or an existing customer.

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