Media Connect Solutions

Company Overview

Our client is india’s largest furniture brand. The company provides readymade furniture to offices homes, stadiums, navy, shipyards. They have presence in 18 cities with 50 exclusive showrooms and 800 dealer outlets.


Company was using probabilistic models to understand their media performance but was not satisfied. They were unable to understand effect of media on sales with certainty. Hence were experimenting with their media plan but at huge cost.

Solutions implemented by Rubic Solution

Our client finalized on media mix, spending heavily in print media. We implemented media tagging tool in such a way that we get effectivity analysis of each media vehicle in real time. We set cost per lead as our KPI to decide on effectiveness of each media vehicle. We analyzed and created reports on performance of ads based on newspaper, ad size, day of the week etc.


Media reallocation during campaign – we were able to dig out publications generating highest response in each state. We sent weekly reports on media performance. Instead of considering grps as KPI, they relied more on cost per lead. They reallocated their spends to newspapers that had highest response rate.

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