Missed Call Service – A Finest Strategy to Increase Customer Engagement

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September 6, 2021

Increase Customer Engagement with Missed Call Service

  • What is a Missed Call Service?

Missed calls are used by companies as a means of communicating with the customers without any cost. The customer’s call gets automatically disconnected after one or two rings ensuring that the customer does not need to pay any charges to connect to the company. This reduces the manual intervention that would otherwise be needed if the call was to be answered. Missed call services bring productivity to your organization by introducing automation into the calling process. As soon as the system receives a missed call from the number, the data of the customer including their name, location, mobile number and time of the call is securely saved in the database. 

The company can then get in touch with the person & pitch their products to customers. Additionally, the company starts a conversation by conveying a message, collecting feedback or informing the customers about a new service or product that you may be launching using SMS. Missed call services are also easy to set up. All you need to do is get in touch with a missed call service provider in India, they will provide you with a number, landline or mobile number. You can use this number in all business communications & advertisements. 

  • How are Missed Call Services in India helpful to businesses?

Businesses receive a lot of calls from customers and need to manage an ocean of data. This takes up a considerable amount of time and energy from the agents if done manually. Missed call service providers in India take care of managing the calls and valuable data of the customers in the most efficient way. With missed calls, the agents do not have to answer the customers and the conversation can be easily taken over an SMS. When a customer places a call on the mobile/landline number published on your website or a newspaper, the system will automatically save the customer details in your dashboard. The call gets cut automatically. Companies can send an automated SMS to the caller & acknowledge as soon as the phone gets cut. 

Benefits of Missed Call Marketing:

  • Generate Leads:

Missed calls are a great way of generating leads. Companies can put virtual mobile numbers or landline numbers in advertisements. Interested customers can give a call on these numbers. As soon the system receives the call, all customer details are saved in the dashboard and the call gets cut. Giving a Missed call doesn’t take a lot of time. They can give missed calls even while travelling, reading, or doing any other activity.

  • Election Campaigns:

A new trend is to get polls through missed call campaigns. These polls could be company internal elections or it could be if you agree with any specific person or company. You can call on one specific number to show your support. Some companies also have two numbers to give missed calls. First one is if your response is positive or second one if your response is negative.

  • Support Campaigns

These types of campaigns are not to generate leads or to increase sales but to get support for social causes. Campaigns can be to support the fight against diarrhea call on a number or to support our preserve nature campaign. The companies get missed call count in real time through dashboards.

  • Receive updates:

Missed call services can also be used in receiving updates. Companies ask users to give a missed call on the number to receive updates about their product/services. Once the customer gives a missed call then they can send information or promotional content as and when possible. Missed Call Service providers in India make it easier for companies to gather valuable feedback from their customers by asking them to simply drop a missed call on a virtual mobile/landline number.

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