How Opting For Hosted IVR Solutions Is Beneficial For Business?

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Opt For Hosted IVR Solutions

Starting a new business is a tough grind but running and managing it efficiently can be the real backbreaker. As the business grows, the number of people that contact the business also grows exponentially. 80% of all business communications happen over phone calls. To manage a business effectively one thing that needs to be managed is the business phone calls. 

Hosted IVR solutions eliminate the need for hiring a team to attend the calls hence reducing the scope for human errors. A small human error done by the team can result in much more than a lost client, it can negatively impact the reputation of the company. Hosted IVR is specially used to address customer calls, understand their requirements and route their call to the concerned department effectively. Moreover, a professional voice greeting your customers can create a premium image of your company in the eyes of the customers. There are numerous benefits of working with professional IVR Service Providers and some of them include: 

     1. It will bring call automation to your business:

The days where a person behind the reception desk would manually connect the customer to the concerned person are long gone. An automated ivr service provider in India is designed to manage the business calls of companies. Greeting the customer with a pre-recorded message and navigating them to the concerned team member has multiple benefits like:

  • It will save precious time for your employees.
  • Customers will never have their call unattended. They can call your support number any time of the day and get an assured response.
  • Create a good brand image and strong customer relationships. 

     2. It will allow you to provide a better customer experience:

Your IVR call centre solutions will be the first thing your customers encounter when they contact you. With IVR solutions, you can not only respond to them immediately but also greet them with personalised messages. You can add as many recordings as you want, play music in the queue, inform them about your latest products/ services, promotions or upcoming events with a smart IVR system. Only after understanding the requirements of each customer in-depth, the automated system will connect them to the right person from the team. All these little features add up to provide a memorable customer experience and earn you a customer of a lifetime. 

     3. 24x7 support to the customers:

Your hosted ivr solutions will always work for you even after office hours or during a holiday. No customer calls will be left unattended even when the employees are away or working remotely. If the concerned person is unable to connect with the customer, the customer will be greeted with a pre-recorded voice message ensuring that their issues will be resolved at the earliest. 

     4. It will help to analyse your calling data:

By implementing a smart receptionist in your business, you can easily keep a track of the number of customer calls that are attended to and missed in a dashboard that can be tracked in real-time. It stores all the information about the customer including the number of calls received/missed by the agents, call recordings, customer’s location and personal details on a secured cloud. This data is stored on the cloud and can be accessed by the team in different file formats or through API integration.

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