Bulk SMS: The Best Medium for Marketing, Here’s Why!

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September 6, 2021

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The Best Medium for Marketing

As a marketer, it is imperative to try and get the maximum ROI for every marketing campaign. With the availability of so many avenues, it can be a huge challenge to identify the appropriate medium for your next campaign. One of the leading SMS marketing service providers in Mumbai, Rubic solution provides a platform that lets you design, deploy and manage your text messaging campaigns. Allowing businesses to build engaging conversational experiences seamlessly through SMS. Rubic solution provides companies with 360 degree SMS marketing solutions to manage the entire workflow of SMS marketing, gather feedback and maintain healthy customer relationships. 

The statistics, facts and future of the SMS Marketing

According to research, SMS open rates are as high as 98% which is much higher than 20% of all emails. Moreover, it takes someone less than 90 seconds to respond to a text message (with a YES or NO) while responding via an email can take more than 2 minutes. Almost 75% of people have admitted that they would rather receive an offer via SMS. This is precisely why 65% of marketers around the world have an opinion that working with an SMS service provider can be very effective for a brand. Data clearly shows that bulk SMS marketing is rising in popularity along with other digital marketing channels.

 What makes SMS marketing such a powerful marketing medium?

SMS messages grab the attention of the reader as they are generally short and straight to the point. They have a character limit of 160 which limits companies from loading them with pointless information. Bulk SMS service providers ensure that they create short and precise copies that grab the viewer’s attention and also add links to vouchers, tickets, surveys, and attachments.

 1. Engagement and Conversion rate is high

With the open rate of an SMS as high as 98%, customers are more likely to engage with an SMS than any other means of promotion. The best part about SMS marketing is that it is not dependent on internet connection. Bulk SMS service is known to be reliable ensuring that the content you are broadcasting over the contact numbers is directly visible to the end-users. If they are genuinely interested in the service you provide, they are more likely to connect with your business.

2. Better customer relationship management

Most businesses, brands and companies are too busy trying to attract new customers towards them that they often overlook the existing ones. Not maintaining a healthy relationship with a customer can cost the company the heavy price of losing a loyal customer. However, with the help of a bulk SMS service provider, managing customer relationships can be done with just a few clicks by broadcasting newsletters/updates/offers of your company to an existing customer. Make your client feel like they have a prime relationship with your company.

 3. They are reliable and easy to handle

Several bulk SMS service providers in and around Mumbai provide companies with simple and easy to use tools that can be used to broadcast promotional or transactional messages within a few clicks of buttons. This has made SMS marketing an easy, reliable and affordable marketing avenue dominating a lot of business areas. As opposed to Email marketing, with SMS marketing you can rest assured that your message is not going to be delivered in the SPAM folder of your prospect/customer. This directly increases your chances of establishing direct contact with your customers.

 4. Tracking has never been easier

Bulk SMS service providers like Rubic solution provide a systematic panel to help you monitor your running or scheduled campaigns with the help of elaborate graphical structures. Companies can reap maximum benefits from their future marketing campaigns by analyzing the performance of the previous campaigns. With the help of genuine performance reports and transparency, bulk SMS service providers can curate effective and efficient marketing strategies.

 5. Highest ROI generating media channel

As compared to platforms like a Facebook advert and google advert, bulk SMS marketing is known to be at least 5 times more economical. Easy on the pocket, this marketing strategy can boost your promotional/transactional SMS over the known contact numbers and engage your customers directly. Reach out to your existing customers and prospects with the help of the Bulk SMS marketing campaigns from Rubic Solution. Rubic Solution is one of the most trusted, preferred and fastest-growing bulk SMS service providers in Mumbai. With the best-customized plans available for web and API based for all programming languages, Rubic Solution assists growth in a business by expediting their information and communication flow.

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